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Mississippi Geological Society
From the early days of the Society to the present, publications have played a major role in the attainment of the purpose of the Society as set forth in its Constitution. Besides the field trip guidebooks already mentioned, other MGS publications include a number of composite and basin type logs, correlation sections, and structural / stratigraphic cross-sections. More importantly, the Society has published a series of field studies since 1952, when it first released a compendium of Wilcox oil fields, including field maps, reservoir information, and production data. The Society followed its Wilcox volume with the release of its original "Redbook" - focusing on producing fields throughout the rest of the state - in 1957. Since that time, the Society has updated its Wilcox volume and released eight successive updates to the popular Redbook, with the last having been released in 1995. In addition, MGS publishes a monthly Bulletin that is distributed to all members during the Society's active months. Finally, this website has been created in order to enable the Society to utilize the internet in distributing relevant news, geologic articles, and other materials of interest to its members and the public at large.

Technical programs and seminars have been sponsored by the Society since its inception. Recent seminars have focused on the Cambro-Ordovician Knox Gas Play in the Black Warrior Basin of Northeast Mississippi, salt tectonics, local sequence stratigraphy and relationship to outcrops, and the Cotton Valley Gas Play within the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin. MGS also hosts monthly luncheon meetings, held from September through May of each year, where a variety of speakers give technical presentations on topics and issues of interest to the Society's members.

Currently, the Society's membership is approximately 250-300. During the late 1970's and early 1980's, when oil and gas exploration and production peaked in the state, membership rose to its highest level with approximately 500 members. The Society has made a special effort in recent years to encourage membership and participation by non-petroleum geologists, and currently counts a significant number of environmental, hydrological, and governmental professionals among its members. Emphasis on water quality and sensitive environmental issues, as well as the preservation of subsurface data throughout the state, have been and will continue to be important focus issues for the Society.

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