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GQ0024. Geology of Eastern...Kent Quadrangle, Culberson, Reeves, and Jeff Davis Counties, Texas

GQ0024. Geology of Eastern...Kent Quadrangle... Texas

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GQ0024. Geology of Eastern Half of Kent Quadrangle, Culberson, Reeves, and Jeff Davis Counties, Texas, by J. P. Brand and R. K. DeFord, 1962. 1 map with text. GQ0024, $8.00. 

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Study of Permian Cretaceous and Cenozoic rocks in the 30-minute Kent quadrangle is important to an understanding of the geology of Trans-Pecos Texas. This quadrangle is one of the critical areas in determining stratigraphic relations between Central Texas to the east and the geosyncline in Mexico to the west and southwest. The detailed map is on a scale of 1:63,360; a cross section is also included. Four major physiographic features, several stratigraphic units, and the mineral resources of the area are discussed in the accompanying text.