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RI0276. Anatomy of a Giant Carbonate Reservoir: Fullerton Clear Fork (Lower Permian) Field, Permian Basin, Texas


RI0276. Anatomy of a Giant Carbonate Reservoir...Book Format Only

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RI0276. Anatomy of a Giant Carbonate Reservoir: Fullerton Clear Fork (Lower Permian) Field, Permian Basin, Texas. Edited by Stephen C. Ruppel. Hardback book, 143 p., 6 chapters, 4 appendices on DVD, 2012. Copublished with AAPG as AAPG Studies in Geology 63. ISBN13: 978-0-89181-069-8. RI0276, $159.00. Book format only.

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Excerpted from the Abstract and book cover

Despite declining production rates, existing reservoirs in the United States contain large quantities of remaining oil and gas that constitute an enormous target for improved diagnosis and imaging of reservoir properties. This is especially true in carbonate reservoirs, in which the resource target is commonly large, but where conventional methodologies can be insufficient to resolve critical scales of reservoir heterogeneity.

This publication documents, in detail, the necessary steps required to develop and test methodologies for improved imaging, measurement, modeling, and prediction of reservoir properties in carbonate reservoirs. The multidisciplinary study integrates geology, geophysics, petrophysics, engineering, and reservoir modeling to define reservoir architecture and the distribution of remaining oil in one of the largest and most data rich carbonate reservoirs in the Permian Basin. The methods and results detailed here provide an excellent basis for improved characterization and remaining resource targeting that can be applied to all carbonate reservoirs. 

The extensive reservoir data set included with this book provides a unique opportunity to examine the basic data that were used to conduct this study. These data may also provide important insights into the basic attributes of similar carbonate reservoirs.

Permian, core data, carbonate platform, Central Basin Platform, petrophysics, seismic inversion modeling, sequence stratigraphy, remaining mobile oil




Chapter 1: Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy: Critical Tools for Reservoir Framework Definition, Fullerton Clear Fork Reservoir, Texas

Chapter 2: Integration of Rock Fabrics and Stratigraphy for Petrophysical Quantification of Reservoir Framework

Chapter 3: Developing a Wireline-Log Database and a Basis for Determining Reservoir Porosity

Chapter 4: Calculation of Permeability and Initial Water Saturations from Wireline Logs in a Mature Carbonate Reservoir

Chapter 5: Construction and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Seismic Porosity Inversion Models

Chapter 6: Reservoir Modeling and Simulation of the Fullerton Clear Fork Reservoir, Andrews County, Texas

Additional  Material on CD-ROM:

Appendix 1 - Plates

Appendix 2 - Core Analysis Data

Appendix 3 - Core Slab Photographs

Appendix 4 - Photomicrographs


Ruppel, S. C., editor, 2015, Anatomy of a Giant Carbonate Reservoir: Fullerton Clear Fork (Lower Permian) Field, Permian Basin, Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Report of Investigations No. 276, 143 p.